It’s Only a Matter of Time Now

November 1, 2007 by  

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A while back I wrote about making the move from PCs to Macs. Well, I was close then, but I’m decided now! There have been many contributing factors:

  • Macs have always been beautiful as far as graphics go
  • Everyone in design uses them
  • Parallels (read my previous post)
  • The iPhone
  • Everyone says that once you go Mac you’ll never look back…even Mark Cuban!

The last straw is the new Mac OS Leopard. So many cool features, so well thought out. If you haven’t, watch Apple’s video about Leopard. It’s kinda long but worth it if you’re considering jumping the MS Titanic Vista.

I’m a PC…for Now

March 31, 2007 by  

Hopefully, you’ve all seen the “I’m a Mac…and I’m a PC” commercials. They are one of the few things that will stop my DVR-commercial-skipping just so I can watch them and laugh. It has to be one of the best ad campaigns in the last few years.

As of right now, I am a PC. I have been a PC for so long that it’s hard to even think about switching. But there is a new program out called Parallels that is really making the idea of switching more feasible. Since Apple switched to Intel chips you’ve been able to install Windows on Macs, even to where BootCamp is coming standard on all Macs. But Parallels does something that is very appealing, that is that it allows you to open Windows documents in the Mac OS! No need to pull up a virtual machine, just click on the Windows file and it pulls up the Windows program. It also supports more 3d gaming that BootCamp and other programs.

So yes, I am a PC, but I wonder how long I can hold out.