It’s Only a Matter of Time Now

November 1, 2007 by  

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A while back I wrote about making the move from PCs to Macs. Well, I was close then, but I’m decided now! There have been many contributing factors:

  • Macs have always been beautiful as far as graphics go
  • Everyone in design uses them
  • Parallels (read my previous post)
  • The iPhone
  • Everyone says that once you go Mac you’ll never look back…even Mark Cuban!

The last straw is the new Mac OS Leopard. So many cool features, so well thought out. If you haven’t, watch Apple’s video about Leopard. It’s kinda long but worth it if you’re considering jumping the MS Titanic Vista.


One Response to “It’s Only a Matter of Time Now”

  1. Dan on November 7th, 2007 6:06 pm

    So they’ve seduced you huh? Poor man. Just kidding. However, I’d like to comment on your reasons for wanting to switch over.

    1. Macs have always been beautiful as far as graphics go.

    What do you mean by graphics? Do you mean the interface? If so, I’ll admit that they have a more design-y feel to them, more stylish and whatnot, as do the cases. But to me, that has very little bearing on whether or not I like the computer. I don’t need it to look cool, I need it to be functional. Also, many of their clever little icons and GUIs aren’t always the most intuitive. Or maybe I’m just slow. However, if you mean graphics as in what kinds of things you can create, I have to disagree. Very few film or game studios use Macs. They mostly run linux through PCs. Even if they did though, pretty much all the same programs, save Final Cut, are available on both PC and Mac, so there’s little difference. Pixar doesn’t even use Macs!

    2. Everyone in design uses them

    It’s not really a surprise that designers use Macs. Macs do look cool, I can’t argue with that, and if your job is to come up with things that look cool, I can see why you’d want a computer that did just that. As far as Macs having anything at all to do with the actual quality of the design work being done, see #1. There are very few tools on a Mac that you can’t get on a PC. Maybe the Mac inspires designers to design better, but we can’t really measure that too well.

    3. Parallels

    So…you can run Windows…but on a Mac. So other than Macs being arguably more aesthetically pleasing than PCs, what’s the point? Unless you like Leopard a lot, but if that’s the case, why wouldn’t you just use Leopard all the time? I haven’t touched Leopard, so I can’t comment on it at all. But another thing is, if you ran parallels, wouldn’t you most likely be using Vista? I’ve only been using Vista for a week now, and I know there has been problems with it, but personally it’s been just fine for me. I just don’t understand if people like Windows so much, why they buy a more expensive Mac, just so they can run Windows.

    4. The iPhone

    I haven’t really read much on this, but I assume that the compatibility between the two is what you’re referring to. While this is probably an asset, Apple knows that a lot of iPhone users are also PC owners and therefore, PCs have to have pretty good iPhone compatibility too. So unless you just want your really expensive phone to look nice sitting next to your really expensive Mac, I don’t see the point. (Although I do think the iPhone is pretty cool. They just need to unlock it and give it more memory)

    5. Everyone says that once you go Mac you’ll never look back

    There has always been a sort of elitist feel to Macs. It’s a cool club that the cool kids get to be in. Apple has always marketed it this way. As a result, there seems to be a smugness about Mac owners. Maybe this is why they never go back. They like the feeling of the Mac community and their perceived higher status. While I can’t say this is really a bad thing, it just seems a bad reason to get a computer.

    So, to me, it basically boils down to an image thing. A lot of the people I talk to seem to like being in that cool club. One film guy I know loved his Mac because it looked “so cool” in his room. I know not everyone thinks like that, and I’m not saying you would. But I’ve yet to hear a convincing argument as to why I’d want to switch over to a Mac.

    All that being said, that’s just my opinion and I won’t think of you any differently if you buy an unnecessarily expensive computer ;)

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